Double Sliding Door Screen /Shower Room/Shower Enclosure / Shower Cubicle with Top Window TZ-OFP4H

Shower Door Style: Bypass Door
Opening Style: Sliding
Glass thickness: 6mm or 8mm
Glass option: Crystal Clear/ Satin Etch / Printing Glass
Aluminum Frame Color: Bright Polished Silver, Dumb Silver, Brushed Silver, Sand Silver


1. V-shaped dual-track design reduces the contact area between the wheels and the panel guide for smooth sliding action

2. Tracks at the top and bottom allow the panels to slide steadily

3. Quality bumpers eliminate door rebound for added safety

4. Glass Thickness: 6 mm / 8 mm  CSG tempered glass

5. Price unit: /M2

6. Customized Size:  Length 1400 to 2000mm 

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